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Lost grandchild found in Holland: Ana Libertad

During the military regime – that had a grip on Argentina in the 70’s until the early 80’s – numbers of people dissappeared, never to be heard from again. Often these were left-winged intellectuals or in the case of this story, members of the communist party. The children of these dissidents would be taken from their family’s and put into new homes. Away from their blood and their true identity.

After the dictatorship the grandmothers of these children started the search for their lost loved ones. After years of work and finding lost grandchildren, the 114th one has been reported found last Friday. Ana Libertad found her family after a DNA test. She happens to live in the Netherlands. Unfortunately she couldn’t meet her grandmother, who initiated the search. She passed away in 2008. But there are still relatives left, like her aunt Estela.

Remi spoke with aunt Estela about this exciting news. He met her in La Plata and wrote an article (€) for Dutch news agency De Persdienst.