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A new default in the making for Argentina?

Big financial news from Buenos Aires this week. The American supreme court decided not to alter the ruling of a New York judge, who ruled that Argentina has to pay back its creditors in full. The Argentine government refuses to pay, arguing it would push the country in a new default.

Peter wrote about possible alternatives for the Argentine government, for Dutch daily Trouw.

Trouw 18062014

You can read the whole article in Dutch on Blendle (€ 0,25).

Also he discussed the ongoing crisis on Dutch business news network RTL Z.

Remi wrote an explaining article for Dutch news agency De Persdienst, in which he described how the Argentinian government is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Remi DPD faillisement dreigt 19-6-2014

Read the whole article in Dutch on Blendle (€ 0,10).