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Making it among machos

A quarter of managerial positions in Argentina are held by women. A prime example is Isela Constantini, She is the new CEO of Aerolíneas, Argentina’s national airline. Peter interviews two ambitious women to reflect on machismo in the workplace and how they’ve dealt with it.


Argentina's New President promises 'A New Era'

Mauricio Macri became Argentina’s new president on Thursday, promising to move the country away from the polarization and economic problems that have dogged national politics in recent years. In this article for VICE News, Remi describes his inaugural speech and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s last hours in office.


Life after Guantánamo

By special request of president Obama, last year, the Uruguay government accepted granting asylum to six Guantánamo prisoners. Once being considered dangerous terrorists, after more than a decade of detention, the Americans do not consider them a threat anymore. Peter interviewed two of the ex-Guantánamo detainees now living in Uruguay. How did they survive torture in Guantánamo? What is life like in their new home, and what do they expect of the future?

Photo by Bitcoffee

One coffee? That'll be 0,00984 Bitcoin.

In a country where cash is king and dollars are scarce, Bitcoin (a virtual currency)  is making inroads. In spite of certain drawbacks, the Bitcoin is increasingly being used in Argentina by entrepreneurs, tourists and shopkeepers as an alternative payment method. Peter and Remi had a coffee in Latin America’s first bar that accepts Bitcoins.


Politics divide Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo are renowned human rights activists: they were the first to protest against the bloody military junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 – 1982. In search of answers for the dissappereance of their children. As they celebrate the 38th anniversary of their first march on the Plaza de Mayo, the group stands divided on national political  issues. Some of the mothers have opted to side with the government, in return for (monetary) support. Others want to maintain political independence.

Argentine Cheaters

Surveys show that Argentines cheat far more than the global average. Whether that can ever be proven is another matter, of course. Together with host Andrew Gold, we immersed ourselves in Argentine love culture: cheating nights, love hotels and interviewed an organizer of live sex parties. The video was short for Fusion, a new american media platform by ABC/Disney and Univisión.  

Who killed Alberto Nisman?

Prosecutor Nisman was investigating the 1994 bombing of Jewish community center AMIA. Last month he died under suspicious circumstances. While the argentine media speculate about the cause of death, survivors of the bombing still don’t know who’s responsible for the killing of 85 argentine nationals.

Boxing your way out of poverty

In spite of Argentina’s recovery after the 2001-2002 economic crises, vast portions of the population still live in dire poverty. Leo Fonseca, a 19 year old from the suburbs of Buenos Aires, is trying to fight  poverty… by boxing. He wants to become a professional boxer to support his family. It’s a tall order, but Leo gets help from his mentor Alberto, manager of an underground boxing club in Buenos Aires.


Studio Baires welcomes O3b

We’re excited to welcome our newest client, O3b Networks! O3b is a company that provides global broadband connectivity through satellite communication. If you want to learn more about the company and its products, check the website. Stay tuned for more information…


Death of prosecutor shocks Argentina

The leading prosecutor in the investigation of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Center in Buenos Aires was found dead in his apartment on Sunday. Only days before he had denounced that none other than the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was responsible for meddling in his investigation and trying to protect Irani suspects of the bombing. Alberto Nisman’s death has sparked conspiracy theories and controversy about the role of Argentina’s institutions and its foreign policy.


Tampon shortage in Argentina

It’s getting harder and harder for women to find tampons in Buenos Aires and the coastal towns of Argentina. As temperatures rise to 35 degrees Celsius, demand for tampons peaks. While the government blames speculation by importers, importers point fingers at the government, who – according to them – is slow in approving import licenses for tampons.


Argentine media declare Zorreguieta deceased

In December, Argentine media erroneously reported that Jorge Zorreguieta had died. Zorreguieta was secretary of Agriculture during the so called ‘Dirty War’. During his tenure, various employees were dissappeared by the regime, and some hold Zorreguieta accountable. Being the father of Dutch queen Máxima Zorreguieta, his reported death caused quite a stir in borth Argentina and The Netherlands. What would happen if Zorreguieta really were to die? A Studio Baires contribution from Argentina for EenVandaag.

20141105-Trouw - Cristina complotdenker

Is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner going crazy?

The president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has been hospitilized because of her poor health. But it’s not the physical health people worry about: it’s her mental health. Lately she’s mentioned several conspiracy theories concerning herself and her country. Is Cristina going crazy? Peter analyzed the mental state of the president for daily newspaper Trouw (€0,25).


Gay kiss: Chile no, Argentina si!

Gay acceptance in South America is slowly winning ground, although there still are some big contrasts to be noticed. For example between neighboring countries Argentina and Chile. In Buenos Aires concerned fans of a soap opera demonstrated because of a gay character got written out of the series, while in Chile a gay commercial got censured. Remi compared these situations in an article for De Persdienst, which appeared in Brabants Dagblad (€0,10).


Students flock to Argentina

Argentina has become a magnet for students from all over the world. The low cost of education and the rich cultural life of Buenos Aires make it an attractive destination for students, irrespective of their field of interest. But what’s studying in the bustling metropole of the South Cone really like? Peter interviews several students about their experience Peter’s article – written for Dutch Daily Trouw – was the most read article on Dutch news website Blendle. You can read the article by clicking here (€ 0,20).

Alejandro dreams big now his weed is legalized

In April we visited the young family of Alejandro Goku, just when marihuana had been legalized. Alejandro cultivates weed in his own backyard and showed us how much love and work he puts in this green passion of his. And he tells us of his big dreams. We followed him around for two days to make a report for a Dutch television show, called Metropolis (VPRO).    

Estela de la Cuadra

Lost grandchild found in Holland: Ana Libertad

During the military regime – that had a grip on Argentina in the 70’s until the early 80’s – numbers of people dissappeared, never to be heard from again. Often these were left-winged intellectuals or in the case of this story, members of the communist party. The children of these dissidents would be taken from their family’s and put into new homes. Away from their blood and their true identity.


New client: Fusion

Studio Baires is happy to announce that we will be working for a new media network starting this month. Fusion is an American television network (owned by Disney/ABC and Univision) with a strong internet presence as well.  Proudly we can say that this is our first media client in the United States and we are very excited to start making some beautiful productions for them.

Fútbol Para Todas from I Am Baires on Vimeo.

Studio Baires proudly presents: I Am Baires

We’re happy to announce that we’re participating in an online documentary project called I Am Baires. The idea of the project is to make portraits of remarkable residents of BA. Our first film tells the story of Viviana Vila, the first female footbal commentator in Argentina. She shares with us her struggle being a woman in a man’s world, her passion for making and teaching radio, and her ambition to raise her son as a good man.


World Cup fever in Argentina

Since football is the biggest sport in Argentina – some might even say a religion – and the World Cup was taking place, we had the opportunity to make some reports for television and daily newspapers about the World Cup fever in Argentina, and so, catch the fanatism of the Argentinian fans on the road to the final.


The end of machismo in Argentina?

Argentine women are making waves in science, politics and sports journalism. The article features Viviana Vila, Argentina’s first football commentator. She talks about being a woman while working in a male dominated profession. The article also explores which cultural barriers still prevent women from participating as equals in Argentine society.


Argentine youth to serve in the Military?

Argentine Senator Mario Ishii wants to reinstate the compulsory military service for youngsters that do not work nor study. It is supposed to give about 1 million Argentine boys and girls a new opportunity to develop themselves. But are these kids really willing to serve in the military? And what about the special scholarships that the federal government hands to people that want to go back to school? Peter wrote the article for Dutch daily Trouw.

Shale rig of Argentine state-owned energy company YPF.

The cost of the shale revolution in Patagonia

Multinationals like Shell, Chevron and Total are exploring Argentine Patagonia for the sought after shale gas and oil resources. The Argentine government is fomenting exploitation of the resource to fight the energy crisis the country faces. Remi wrote an article on the practices of British Dutch company Shell (buy for €0,10 @ Blendle) and a more general  article on the shale revolution in Patagonia (buy for €0,10 @ Blendle). Both articles were published in the newspapers of Dutch newsagency DPD.        

Shell's polluting shale activities in Patagonia

Shell is drilling for shale gas in one of the must beautiful and precious area’s of Argentina: Patagonia. Here lies one of the biggest shale gas reserves on the planet and thus big oil companies – like Shell – appear more and more on this  part of Argentinian soil. Which has led to a lot of commotion between the company and local inhabitants like the Mapuche tribe and the goat herder family Flores. They claim that the big energy companies are making a mess of their environment by contaminating the ground with their crude oil and chemicals.

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